Technologies for web marketing (2019)


The goal of this project is to set up a web marketing campaign for an association, monitor its progress, modify it based on the data collected and finally analyze the results. The marketing campaign was carried out thanks to a collaboration with Google, which connects non-profit companies with those who want to learn how to use the tools that Google provides: Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Tag Manager… In fact, Google puts you in contact with the non-profit company and assigns you a budget that you can spend on Google Ads.


Before starting this project, it has been necessary to obtain a certificate through courses provided by Google.

Certificate obtained after the course issued by Google, for the management of web marketing campaigns using Google tools

Download pre-campaign report

For the best performance of a marketing campaign, it is first necessary to analyze the company’s website for a certain period, using Google Analytics, make assumptions, a list of metrics to monitor and then choose how to divide the budget that has been assigned to us in a promotion campaign.

All this information is contained in the pre-campaign report, which you can download below.

Download post-campaign report

After carrying out the campaign, it is necessary to draw up a report, which describes the changes that have been made to the campaign, while it was in progress, based on the statistics and analyzes that were recorded. Finally, it contains the results obtained at the end of the marketing campaign.

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